How to update system software of a DVR?


This information should also be in the Update System Software section of the manual.


  1. Download firmware from web site.
    1. If your DVR model is 3009 or 3016 series, create directory DVRVIDEO in the SD card. Copy download file UPDATE.BIN to the directory.
    2. If 3011 or 3014, copy download file MULTI.BIN to the top directory of the card.
  2. Turn off the DVR.
  3. Insert the SD card into the built-in SD slot of the unit.
  4. Hold down the Up and Down buttons simultaneously, and then turn on the unit while still holding down the buttons.
  5. Keep holding down the buttons until the unit sounds a note and displays upgrading messages. It takes about four minutes on 3009 or 3016, 90 seconds on other models.
  6. Restart the unit when it displays the message PLEASE RESTART. The process is now complete.